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Salzburg, Austria

We decided to go on a day trip by train out to Salzburg, Austria – home of Mozart, and the Sound of Music. Liam’s girlfriend Lauren let us know about the awesome deal for transport out here when travelling in groups – the “Bayern Ticket“, which allows you pretty much unlimited public transport within Bavaria and surrounding areas for up to 27 hours, for 22 Euro + 4 Euro per additional person when travelling in groups. This meant we had unlimited travel locally (up to 2-3 hours away) for 10 Euro each, much, much better than our sneaky S-Bahn rides that we’ve been using the last few days.  We ventured into town and ended up in the Nonnberg Abbey, before exploring the catacombs of St Peters Cemetery (well worth checking out at only 1.5 Euro per person), then grabbed ourselves some Schnapps, and started to climb the hill to Hohensalzburg Castle which is absolutely freaking HUGE!We took a tour around the place, checking out the incredibly creepy display of puppets, WWI museum and the golden chambers (which turned out to be the Bishops loo back in the day) and he amazing views of the entire city from the roof of the castle.