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IPTV in Thailand – IPTVThailand and ThaiExpat.tv

I’ve been looking at different IPTV options since I started travelling, and am a big fan of sidereel.com for tracking what I’ve watched as well as legitmate (and less than legitmate) streams of shows while I’ve been overseas.

While I was at the local paintball field I spotted a HD tv running an IPTV set top box available from IPTV Thailand.  I’m really keen on grabbing one of these, as it has a wide variety of foriegn TV channels available and works over wifi.

I’ve also recently come across another service provider advertising on the various expat facebook groups, ThaiExpat.tv.  I spoke to the owner on facebook and he arranged a trial account for me to use for the next two days.

At first I recieved and email which linked me to a web interface that only worked with Safari.  The UI was less than impressive and not very functional but the stream was high quality and fast.  About an hour later I recieved a second email with a software download for Mac.  This was much better, faster and had a proper working EPG as well as the last week of TV on demand.

Personal opinion is that IPTV Thailand has a better range of channels, but is less useful for travellers who do not have a TV, while ThaiExpat TV is more flexible but has less channels available, and is more UK focused (though they do talk about other channels in the future). From what I understand the MaigeTV is the better option than the superiptv box as it has movies Video on Demand and ahem.. some “content” that isn’t normally available in Thailand (see 7 minutes into the above vid).

The legal status of both products is debatable as both appear to be accusing the other of rebroadcasting via (slightly unprofessional) emails that have been posted on Thaivisa forums.

Hulu in Thailand
Of course, another option is Hulu which is geoblocked in most countries – this geoblock can however be got around by using Chrome with the very handy Hola Unblocker Plugin.  Get it here for free.