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Wine Connection Wednesdays – All You Can Drink For 300 Baht

We’d been meaning to give Wine Connection a visit for a while, but between the Bangkok protests and university exams we just hadn’t had the time or ability to get to the area on a Wednesday afternoon. Wine Connection 4We’d heard about this place from students on the international exchange programme at Thammasat Univeristy, there was a bar in Suhkumvit that had all you can drink wine and all you can eat tapas for only 300 Baht! Expect to see lots of expat locals, foreign teachers and international students taking advantage of the cheap food, drinks and networking opportunities.

(Excuse the shaky photos, thats what happens when one is taking pictures at an all you can drink event!) Wine Connection 3

How It Works

Wine Connection offer free flow red and white house wine and tapas (including cheeses, cold cuts, bread and pastas) for 299 Baht + Tax from 5:30 until 8:30pm every Wednesday night.  Wine Connection 6It is strictly limited to 250 spaces, and it sells out every single week.  To guarantee your spot you will need to pop in early to grab your tickets in advance (we got there at around 4pm and it was fine, but by just after 5 they’d all sold out). Wine Connection 5I’m not really an expert on anything wine related, so I have no idea what the wines are like or how they compare to what else is out there, but even to me this seems like a great deal, especially when you consider you are paying at least 100 baht for a glass at most places, it only takes a couple to make it worth while.

Me, I was there for the cheese and cold cuts, which can get pretty expensive (I will happily spend 400 baht on a cheese and meat platter elsewhere, heck I even paid 195 baht upstairs for cheesy fries!).  Where else can you find all you can eat parma ham, salami, cheese, bread, cured meats, fish balls, sun dried tomatoes and more!

If like me, you aren’t too much of a wine drinker and prefer a beer, they still have a reasonable choice of imported beers, mainly from Belgium, I managed to grab myself a Bar Bar Belgian Strong Ale and a Lefebvre Floreffe Blonde for around the 160 Baht mark each.

How to find Wine Connection

Take the BTS and get off at either Thonglor or Phrom Phong stations then walk towards Soi 47 (which is roughly in the middle of the two stations), you’ll it on the lower floor in the Rain Hill Plaza.Wine Connection 2

Wine Connection, Rain Hill Plaza, Soi 47 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

House of Beers – Loads of Choice For Sukhumvit Beer Lovers

We ended up at House of Beers quite by accident.  Sarah had wanted to check out Wine Connection’s free flow Wednesday, and had just picked up her Burmese Visa so was in the area.

We’d come in via the BTS, had purchased our ticket (Wine Connection is limited to 250 people) early and had an hour or so to kill.  Walking upstairs for something to do we spotted HOBs and walked in for a bar snack.

I hadn’t heard of the place before, and was impressed the minute I saw the fridge – full of imported beers from Belgium and beyond.

The Beers

House of Beers carries a wide range of beers from various breweries that are now being imported into Thailand including BrewDog, St. Bernardus, Chapeau and Krombacher.

If you’ve read any of my previous beer related posts, you’ll be aware that I’m a beer drinker who loves IPAs and beers with high IBUs while Sarah isn’t too much of a beer drinker, but is partial to Lambic fruit beers and a crisp lager. HOBS6 I grabbed a Brew Dog Hardcore IPA, while Sarah got herself a Chapeau Pêche Lambic BeerHOBS4 Followed by a Mikkeller The American Dream lager which was perfect in the hot Bangkok afternoon sun. HOBS3 Sarah grabbed herself a Krombacher Radler, which while too sweet and weak for me, was a nice and refreshing primer before we went downstairs for Wine Republic’s all you can drink free flow event. HOBS22 and a half hours of wine and we were ready to go back to the beers (I’m not a wine drinker after all), with a couple of new friends we’d met downstairs, they tried Lambics and Brewdog’s Punk IPA while I tried the Tokyo, which unfortunately just wasn’t my think and ended up getting ditched, a reminder of why I stick with the IPAs.

Beers ranged in price from around 195-430 Baht depending on the beer, with the Brewdog beers being at the top end of the scale.

The Food

The food menu is mainly bar snacks and pub grub, we weren’t really looking for too much with the all you can drink/eat downstairs later on, but grabbed the cheesy fries which were tasty, but quite pricy at 195 Baht.HOBS5

All in all, I like the place – its a little pricy, but you get a wide selection of imported beers (which a considerably amount of their cost is excise taxes) and its a really nice atmosphere.  They didn’t appear to have any proper vegetarian meal options, so that would be a nice addition to keep Sarah happy – I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again if we are in the area.

You are charged a 10% surcharge in addition to the standard 7% VAT which seems to be a habit in many of the hi-so type Bangkok bars (Wine Connection downstairs does it, so does Brew – I think the only place that doesn’t at the moment is Mikkeller Bangkok, which actually has the best service out of any place I’ve been to!), which quite frankly is silly considering that you are merely paying a 10% premium on a beer for them to open it with a bottle opener – then again, this seems to be the norm in Bangkok nowadays.  Bars should either give additional service to justify the surcharge or include it in the cost of what they are selling – I have no problem with tipping if I receive good service, but having it forced upon you is a bit strange for a kiwi.

How To Find House of Beers (HOBs)

Take the BTS and get off at either Thonglor or Phrom Phong stations then walk towards Soi 47 (which is roughly in the middle of the two stations), you’ll find it above Wine Connection in the Rain Hill Plaza.

Rain Hill Plaza, Soi 47 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Snapper – Kiwi Kai in the Heart of Bangkok

Before Sarah and I got together we went for a few food and drink missions in Bangkok. I had a desperate urge for some food from home and decided to venture down Sukhumvit Soi 11 to try out the New Zealand themed restaurant, Snapper.

The Snapper Story

Back in the 90s a kiwi lad moved to Bangkok and ended up staying. Apparently he was constantly on the look out for good old Kiwi fish and chips from home but couldn’t find anything similar in an ocean of pad thais and masaman curries. Fast forward a decade and a bit later and he opens his very own New Zealand seafood themed restaurant, Snapper to feed hungry expats and Hi-So Thais.

Getting There

Snapper is located at No. 1/20-22 Sukhumvit Soi 11. To get there take the BTS to Nana and walk down Soi 11, take a left at Cheap Charlies and you’ll find Snapper down the side soi.

Snapper Map Soi 11

The Food

The snapper menu (in all its ironic “MS Comic Sans” glory) if full of fresh, sustainably caught Kai Moana (Maori for seafood) that is both caught locally and flown in from New Zealand waters.

Snapper WEbsite

I ordered myself the NZ Wood Smoked Seafood platter (450 Baht), a selection of NZ Manuka wood smoked Fish & Mussels
(served cold) with breads & home made condiments along side a side of homemade Kumara (New Zealand sweet potato) Fries (160 Baht per serving). I’m unsure if the “Kumara” fries are actually the NZ variety, or local sweet potatoes, but regardless they were great.

One thing Snapper lacks is a proper vegetarian option for crazy hippies like my girlfriend Sarah, who was left having to make a meal of sides and white wine. We did however manage to find her some rabbit food in the form of The Rocket Salad (240 Baht) consisting of rocket, guava, celery, walnuts & Snapper’s tangy homemade balsamic dressing.

For dessert we shared The Kiwi Pav (200 Baht) as Sarah hadn’t heard of the things before, and it turns out, its actually quite hard to explain to an American what a Pavlova actually is, or why its important! The Pavlova was a great taste of home and comes served with Hokey Pokey Ice cream (again try and explain that to someone who hasn’t been to New Zealand), slices of Kiwifruit & a Forest Berry Compote.

All food comes with sides of good old Kiwi tomato sauce served in old school tomato shaped sauce bottles, and your choice of NZ chilli sauces such as Kataia Fire

The Verdict

I love good seafood but I’m horrible at cooking it, and haven’t tasted any smoked fish since my mum lived in Rotorua, so this was an absolute treat. The Kumara chips were a welcome addition, again something that I haven’t tasted since leaving home over a year ago. The Pavlova was another taste of home that you simply cannot find anywhere in Thailand.

There was a selection of NZ Wines (I think Sarah had Wither Hills) but no New Zealand Beer due to its lack of availability at the time. Now that Wishbeer is stocking Tuatara I hope that Snapper stocks the full range for some authentic New Zealand beer. I absolutely loved the place. For Sarah it was a little harder due to her preference for Vegan (or if push comes to shove vegetarian offerings), it would be great if they had something more substantial on the menu than sides or salads to cater for our meat deprived brothers and sisters.

That said, I’ll be back, theres simply nowhere else where I can get yummy smoked fish and pav!