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Sidereel.com: How to watch your favorite TV shows anywhere in the world

Note: Some of the links provided in sidereel.com may not be legal to stream in some countries due to copyright/piracy restrictions.

Its not exactly easy to watch your favorite TV series if you are travelling around the world.  More often than not you won’t have access to a TV, and if you do, its going to be in a foreign language, in a common room, or just have nothing on.  ISPs and content providers are cracking down on torrent use, but for now – streaming (in most countries) still seems to be pretty safe (especially if you are in places that actually allow you to watch legitimate streams). Enter sidereel.com, a website that has been around for some time, but has really improved since I last used it, allowing you to set up profiles, link them to your facebook account and track what you have watched (really handy for keeping track of what episode you are up to) as well as providing info about upcoming shows, cancelations, episode guides etc. Its really easy to use once you have an account, simply search for the show you want to watch, track the show, and start watching episodes, after each episode click “watched” so you know where you are.   There are a mix of legitimate and not so legitimate content sources, so make sure you choose the ones that are legal to watch in the country you are visiting so you don’t get your internet account holder in trouble.