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Wine Connection Wednesdays – All You Can Drink For 300 Baht

We’d been meaning to give Wine Connection a visit for a while, but between the Bangkok protests and university exams we just hadn’t had the time or ability to get to the area on a Wednesday afternoon. Wine Connection 4We’d heard about this place from students on the international exchange programme at Thammasat Univeristy, there was a bar in Suhkumvit that had all you can drink wine and all you can eat tapas for only 300 Baht! Expect to see lots of expat locals, foreign teachers and international students taking advantage of the cheap food, drinks and networking opportunities.

(Excuse the shaky photos, thats what happens when one is taking pictures at an all you can drink event!) Wine Connection 3

How It Works

Wine Connection offer free flow red and white house wine and tapas (including cheeses, cold cuts, bread and pastas) for 299 Baht + Tax from 5:30 until 8:30pm every Wednesday night.  Wine Connection 6It is strictly limited to 250 spaces, and it sells out every single week.  To guarantee your spot you will need to pop in early to grab your tickets in advance (we got there at around 4pm and it was fine, but by just after 5 they’d all sold out). Wine Connection 5I’m not really an expert on anything wine related, so I have no idea what the wines are like or how they compare to what else is out there, but even to me this seems like a great deal, especially when you consider you are paying at least 100 baht for a glass at most places, it only takes a couple to make it worth while.

Me, I was there for the cheese and cold cuts, which can get pretty expensive (I will happily spend 400 baht on a cheese and meat platter elsewhere, heck I even paid 195 baht upstairs for cheesy fries!).  Where else can you find all you can eat parma ham, salami, cheese, bread, cured meats, fish balls, sun dried tomatoes and more!

If like me, you aren’t too much of a wine drinker and prefer a beer, they still have a reasonable choice of imported beers, mainly from Belgium, I managed to grab myself a Bar Bar Belgian Strong Ale and a Lefebvre Floreffe Blonde for around the 160 Baht mark each.

How to find Wine Connection

Take the BTS and get off at either Thonglor or Phrom Phong stations then walk towards Soi 47 (which is roughly in the middle of the two stations), you’ll it on the lower floor in the Rain Hill Plaza.Wine Connection 2

Wine Connection, Rain Hill Plaza, Soi 47 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Wine Republic Bar and Bistro – Finally Sarah Gets To Drink Wine!

We originally spotted this place on the taxi ride to Scene Space when going to Brew Bar.   After deciding against Apoteka Thonglor which was jam packed with its ladies night crowd we walked down Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55).  We spotted Wine Republic on the corner of Soi 10 and Thonglor and decided to go in – so far we’d only really been to beer places, and haven’t had a chance to visit Wine Connection on a Wednesday yet.

Wine Replublic 2

We’d already had a few drinks and food at Brew, but it was now Sarah’s turn to get something she liked.   I managed to spot a huge 750ml champagne style bottle of imported Italian craft beer – Birrificio L’Olmaia La 5 which at 600 Baht wasn’t cheap but wasn’t expensive either, which Sarah spotted some French Rose on the house wine list.

Wine Republic 5I’m not really a wine drinker, so must confess my ignorance to all things involving grapes – but she assures me it wasn’t half bad. If you are looking for something a bit more interesting than the standard house wine list (that consists of about 6-8 choices of wine) they also have a full range of imported wines available inside – for some strange reason there isn’t a menu available, which isn’t exactly convenient, but other reviews seem to suggest that there is a sommelier on hand to give wine advice.

Wine Republic 3

We still weren’t completely full (heck we had to celebrate the end of mid-term exams in style right) from dinner earlier so decided to really pig out and grabbed ourselves a second dinner of Funghi pizza.  Generally speaking Pizzas in Bangkok are pretty shit – this was an exception.  The base was just right, it had real cheese and fresh mushrooms. I can’t really comment on the other mains, other than the fact that those other people were eating seemed top notch, but the Pizza was great.  When you consider that the pizza cost less than a burger combo from somewhere like Burger King, it really is great value.

Wine Republic 4Then of course we spotted the group on the table next to us pigging out on dessert. We grabbed ourselves a Panna Cotta and a Chocolate Soufflé.  These were absolutely amazing and worth every baht.   All in all dinner and drinks cost us around 2000 baht, which while not cheap – isn’t terribly expensive considering the fact that all of our booze as imported and the food was of a high quality and customer service was excellent. Wine Republic 6

Music in the venue was great too, with a couple of the local Japanese expat DJs providing a mixture of deep house, soul, jazz and electronica to give a really eclectic lounge vibe to the place.

All in all we were impressed with the Wine Republic and will definitely be back.

How to find The Wine Republic

Address: Wine Republic, 137 Thonglor Soi 10 Bangkok, Thailand

Wine republic is on the corner of Thonglor (Sukhumvit Soi 55) and Thonglor 10 and is about 1km from the Thonglor BTS.  Its probably easiest to take a taxi.