Vietnam Destination : A Hotspot for Business-Class Travel

Vietnam Destination : A Hotspot for Business-Class Travel

Vietnam Destination , magine flying in a special airplane seat where you can stretch out comfortably! Gmarket, a big online shop, says many people in Korea love flying this way, and guess what?

Vietnam Destination : Business Class Magic

Vietnam Destination, Gmarket looked at all the airplane tickets people bought in Korea, and they found that more and more friends wanted to travel in business class. It’s like having a mini vacation in the sky!

Vietnam Destination : A Hotspot for Business-Class Travel

Vietnam Destination : Super Increase in Bookings

In the year 2023, the number of people booking business class tickets jumped a lot—254% more! That means more friends in Korea wanted to make their plane rides extra special.

Vietnam Destination : Takes the Crown

Vietnam became the superstar destination for business class travelers. Eighteen percent of friends in Korea picked Vietnam as their dream spot. It’s like saying, “Vietnam, here we come in style!”

Thailand and Japan Follow

After Vietnam, friends in Korea also liked going to Thailand (16%) and Japan (12%). These places became like magical lands where they could relax in the sky.

The Fly-and-Vacation Trend

Even though the world had some tough times with COVID-19, more and more friends in Korea wanted to enjoy a “fly and vacation” style. It’s when they fly comfortably and then have a great time at a special destination.

Vietnam Destination : Spending on Comfort

Even when things were not so easy with money, friends in Korea still chose to spend on comfortable airplane seats. It’s like saying, “Let’s make our trip super cozy!”

A Cozy Second Half

In the second part of 2023, booking business class tickets became even more popular—68% more! That’s like doubling the fun in the cozy seats for the second half of the year.

A Wish to Relax

Sometimes, when life gets busy, friends want to take a break. Flying in business class to dreamy places like Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan became a special way to relax.

Making Travel Extra Special

Can you imagine sitting in a seat where you can play, eat, and relax like you’re in your own little castle? That’s what flying in business class feels like—extra special and super comfy!

A Sky Full of Dreams

So, friends in Korea are filling the sky with dreams of cozy travels. They are saying, “Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, here we come to make our sky adventure unforgettable!”